"As Director of  St. Andrew Presbyterian Church's Older Adult Ministry, I look for speakers who are knowledgeable, clear and personable.  Mark Gowin meets all of my criteria.  Mark has met with our group twice in the last 18 months and gave us a very valuable tax and Social Security information for those of us over 60. "
---Lisa Cross
"Since 1993 Mark Gowin has been our Financial Advisor. He has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. We are very pleased with the financial recommendations Mark has made for us. We consider him a friend as well as our “Money Man.” We would refer Mark without hesitation."
— Larry and Linda Gerick

 "Mark Gown has been our Financial Advisor for the past 24 years. I appreciate that I can trust Mark. He’s always focused on finding the best financial strategy for us. Mark isn’t just our advisor, but our friend. I would absolutely recommend him.”

— Villamor and Ofelia Guzman

"It is always a pleasure to work with Mark Gowin. Our relationship goes back along way... since 1997! He helped us stay secure during a constantly changing military career, and now he is doing the same for our children as they build their own lives, and plan for the security of their families. We look to him often as we prepare for retirement. Thanks Mark, for the stellar work you have done for our entire family."

          — Col. (Ret) James R. Liffrig, MD


I really appreciate Mark Gowin!  He is kind, patient, and always takes the time to make sure I understand all my options.  I love that he truly wants what is best for his clients.  If you need someone who can make sure you meet your financial goals, you should talk to Mark Gowin.  After meeting him, you will come away with a sense of security."

--- Marilyn McCandlish


Mark Gowin has provided my family excellent financial guidance for more than a decade. Mark’s expertise and sound financial advice has helped me make wise financial decisions, establish a strong retirement strategy, and build a
”rainy day” savings account for the unexpected things in life.Mark has been vital to my financial planning and success. Mark is not only competent and capable advisor, he is a strong character; honest and trustworthy.”

— Kevin Parker

“My wife and I retained financial services through Mark Gowin during our pre-retirement years. We requested him to help guide us through a plan to ensure a secure and solid retirement. He has been extremely helpful in discussing the details of our current assets and investments, and he made suggestions on how to best allocate those funds in a direction of retirement planning. Mark has recommended various strategies to establish that strong retirement focus.His calm and patient nature provided us assurance through our journey. Funds have increased steadily each year with his financial expertise. Assets have continued to build even eight years after our retirement. We always felt confident with Mark through both the pre- and post- retirement planning stages."

          — Winston Parker


"I met Mark Gowin through a recommendation from one of my clients.  Since then Mark has helped my family plan for retirement and make smart financial decisions.  It's always a pleasure to work with Mark."

---Leslie Petersen

“Mark Gowin has been a key asset in the growth of my accounts for many years. He has explained concepts I am not familiar with my line of work, Mark has encouraged me to think outside the box for strategies I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. He’s been instrumental in all aspects of financial advising. While my retirement is still a way off, I have no doubt I’ll be prepared with the benefit of Mark’s advice over the years."

          — Tim Porea, MD


"My wife, Leslie, and I have retained financial services through Mark Gowin.  We asked him to guide us through our pre-retirement planning to ensure a secure income in our latter years.  Mark has been a great asset in this respect, helped us understand various options and advised us with clarity concerning our current assets and investments.  His input has enabled us to select our particular route with a more-informed awareness of options.  Our assets have continued to accumulate and we are appreciative that we can benefit from Mark's knowledge.

On a personal note, Mark has been a delight to work with.  His calm and patient nature have made communication and interaction to be enriching.   It is obvious he is professionally competent but additionally, that he genuinely care about people.  He is doing his job but more than his job.  For these reasons, Leslie and I wanted to put our positive experience with Mark Gowin on record so that others may informed."

---- Pastor Bill Powell


"My family has been working with Mark Gowin for many years.  Mark is great at explaining things in a way that I understand.   He's wonderful to work with!"

---Katherine Thornton


 "Thank you, Mark, for helping us identify the best financial strategy for our retirement years. You made it easy to understand, explaining options with the numbers to back it up. It brought me peace and encouragement, in what is usually very overwhelming process. We appreciate your hard work, support, and all the time you’ve spent with us.”

           — Bonnie Wilson