How Mark Gowin can help you shift gears...

After spending time in the USN, we have helped hundreds of servicemen and women make the transition from military to civilian life.  Whether you're single, married with a family, or a professional there are several steps you will want to take to prepare financially for life after the military: 

  1. Evaluating whether to switch your SGLI over to VEGLI or getting your own life insurance.
  2. If you contributed to the Thrift Savings Program, what are your options.
  3. If you are a professional i.e. doctor or dentist and you have finished your four-year obligation what are your options.
  4. If you retired from the military and you are married, what are your options regarding your military pension.
  5. Why you should visit the VA before you leave the military.

Do you have questions or financial planning concerns?  Please feel free to use the form below to contact me and schedule an appointment.

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My wife and I retained financial services through Mark Gowin during our pre-retirement years. We requested him to help guide us through a plan to ensure a secure and solid retirement. He has been extremely helpful in discussing the details of our current assets and investments, and he made suggestions on how to best allocate those funds in a direction of retirement planning. Mark has recommended various strategies to establish that strong retirement focus.His calm and patient nature provided us assurance through our journey. Funds have increased steadily each year with his financial expertise. Assets have continued to build even eight years after our retirement. We always felt confident with Mark through both the pre- and post- retirement planning stages.
— Winston Parker