Mark Gowin provides you the Keys to Optimizing Your Social Security Benefits Class...

Understanding Social Security benefits is one of the most important phases of retirement planning. Social Security is the financial foundation for many retirees, but it’s also surprisingly complex.  Wisely managing Social Security income benefits starts with understanding the facts.  There are 567 ways to claim.  Everyone is faced with the same decision – which way is right for me?  By making the wrong choice, an individual can miss out on as much as $250,000.  Many people make mistakes when claiming Social Security that can reduce their benefits by as much as 82%.  Social Security Administration Policy prohibits employees from giving advice to anyone filing a claim.  Everyone nearing retirement needs to learn how to maximize their benefits.  

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Thank You, Mark, for helping us identify the best financial strategy for our retirement years. You made it easy to understand, explaining options with the numbers to back it up. It brought me peace and encouragement, in what is usually a very overwhelming process. We appreciate your hard work, support, and all the time you’ve spent with us.
— Bonnie Wilson